Add custom quartz countertops to your home in Plano, TX

Where Style and Durability Meet

Back in the '90s, Formica countertops were all the rage. But styles have changed, and your old countertops can, too. Upgrade to custom quartz countertops from Premier Floor & Design. Our countertop installers will make sure you get what your space in Plano, TX needs by custom-cutting stone to guarantee a precise fit.

We'll also provide professional countertop installation services. For a free estimate on custom quartz countertops for your home or business, contact a local contractor today. We also offer wood flooring, tile installation and carpet installation

Why choose quartz countertops?

Why choose quartz countertops?

Unlike Formica and other dated countertops, custom-cut quartz offers just a little bit more when it comes to:

  • Style - we carry many color and texture patterns, so you can find something that looks great in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Durability - quartz is heat- and stain-resistant, so you won't have to worry about damaging your countertops easily.
  • Fit - stone countertops are made from one single slab, so you won't have unsightly seams or grout lines to keep clean.

To choose countertops with these advantages, contact us about professional countertop installation services now.